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Welcome to Woodlands Village ROA located in Flagstaff, AZ

Welcome to Woodlands Village ROA located in Flagstaff, AZ Welcome to Woodlands Village ROA located in Flagstaff, AZ

News Updates

Woody Way Access Committee
The Association created a committee to track activity relating to the Woody Way access point into the Presidio in the Pines development.  Volunteers are wanted; if you are interested, please email katy@sterlingrem.com to be put in contact with the Committee Chair Brian Lee Wilson

City of Flagstaff: Nuisance Party Ordinance

Residents, please remember to keep your sidewalks clear of snow.  Per the City of Flagstaff Ordinance 8-03-001-0004, sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours of the last snow fall.  When clearing your sidewalks and driveways be sure to not push the snow into the street (see ordinance)  Thank you!

REMINDER: The City of Flagstaff winter parking ordinance is in affect as of November 1st until April 1st.  No parking on the City streets from midnight until 7am.


AC Review – if you make ANY change to the exterior of your home, per the CC&Rs you will need to receive written approval from the Architectural Committee prior to beginning the work.  Please remember to submit to the AC if you plan to make any changes to your property.  The approval could take up to 30 days so please keep that in mind.  You can download the AC application on the Association Documents page.

Weeds - make sure to maintain the weeds in your front yards and parkways (between sidewalks and curbs).  Vacant lot owners are also responsible to keep their lots maintained.

Pet Waste Station –  Please bring a bag with you to pick up after your dogs and do not leave waste on neighboring properties, several phone calls have been received by the Association requesting reminders to be made to the membership.  

Trailers – If you will be going on a camping/boating trip or working on a weekend project and plan to have a trailer at your home for a few days please contact the association so it may be noted.  You may call Katy at 928-773-0690 or email her at katy@sterlingrem.com